I used this College Board developed thematic unit on the environment as a base for my own environment thematic unit. There are lots of great resources as well as ideas for grammar points to coincide with this theme. 

A list of useful verbs that can be used in this unit. Good for review of verbs as well as tenses.

This activity is designed for students to use with Chromebooks or devices. Students follow the link to the Canadian website that directs them to calculate their ecological footprint. Reflection questions follow to think about what that means for the environment.

Use this graphic organizer alongside the French Polynesian activity in the College Board developed Environment Unit. 

Two articles with comprehension questions to practice interpretive reading. Both articles are of the COP21 summit theme. 

Activity to be completed in groups and then shared out with the rest of the class (jigsaw activity) online with comprehension questions. Activity focuses on the recycling habits of Tahiti and why they must be eco-friendly as a country. Use this graphic organizer to handout to students to complete as other groups give their presentations.

Use this anticipation guide before completing the reading. Students then complete the reading and answer the comprehension questions. Have students also listen to this song, completing the gapfill alongside it. Discussion about how the song connects to the event is interesting. Afterwards, students reassess their answers on the anticipation guide and see if they have changed them based on what they have just read.

Virunga, the documentary, can be found for free on Netflix. Times of segments are marked in the viewing guide (total viewing with this guide is about an hour). As you watch segments of the film, students have questions to reflect on and answer in the viewing guide.