This Kahoot can be used as a conversation or discussion starter as to why learning French can be beneficial for an individual as well as for the world.

This is an introduction Google Slides to the ACTFL Proficiency Levels. Students should monitor their progress in the different levels throughout the school year, and first need to understand them. Use this to give examples and explain how the model is set up. 

After introducing the different levels, have students work in partners to define the proficiency level of the subjects shown in the video clips. Choose 2-3 to discuss as a class.

An activity (not developed by myself - but one which I have used) which has students choose a side of the room to show whether or not they have completed certain activities over the summer. Follow-up questions worked really well here and it was a nice activity for students to get to know each other as well as for the teacher to get to know the students likes and dislikes.

This is a brainstorming activity to get students thinking about words that they know in French. Students work in partners or small groups, filling in the chart with words that start with that letter in French. The group that has the most boxes filled in at the end of the time limit (10-15 minutes, somewhere around there) wins a small prize. At the end of the time limit, ask for a few letters and go over the words that students have come up with.