Unit Plan

Use the unit plan as an 19-20 day outline of how to implement this unit into the classroom. Materials for lessons are included in the content below, with further detail added to the right hand side.

Photo by g-stockstudio/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by g-stockstudio/iStock / Getty Images

This is an easy introduction game that let's students get comfortable with basic sentences and questions, vocabulary, and other students' names in the classroom. Can be used as an activity to find out what vocabulary students already know in a category, or as a game to activate memory of new vocabulary.

Students must speak to one another in order to complete their charts. Students practice using questions and responding with basic information.

List of vocabulary words with pictures for this unit.

Google Slides designed to introduce things in French being masculine, feminine, or plural.

Students must ask one another if they have certain objects. Practice with the verb avoir.

You will draw a room in the space below with at least 5 different things in it. You should have just one of some things, and multiple of other things so you can practice with un, une and des. Then you are going write 5 vrai ou faux statements about what there is/ isn’t in the room (il y a or il n’y a pas de). With your partner, you will describe the room that they will draw on the backside of their paper, and then you will read aloud your vrai/faux questions, which they will mark on their paper as V or F. Go over the answers together.

A visual and activity to explain the difference between the informal "tu" in French and the formal "vous" in French.

After talking about tu and vous, hand out the "How are you doing?" sheet. This goes over simple vocabulary to express how you are feeling when asked the questions "ça va?" or "comment allez-vous?" Print out mustaches to give to about half of the class. Explain that if students have a mustache, they must be addressed as "vous" and if students do not have a mustache, they are to be addressed as "tu". Have students mingle about the classroom (French only!) to complete this activity. 

Introduce this vocabulary to talk about classroom objects and masculine, feminine, singular, and plural nouns. Practice with this Quizlet

Google Slides designed to show students how to talk about what there is versus is not in a room. Questions at the end for Q and R practice using the new structure. Listen and explain the verb avoir with this song.

A simple Google Slides presentation to display an example conversation of how to say hello and goodbye to friends and family in France. Show this Google Slides presentation of La Bise to introduce this concept to students.

An example of an activity to practice numbers in French. To introduce the concept of French numbers, I like students to watch this video. Numbers move higher as the Google Slides presentation continues. These are ages as of 2016. This activity could be adapted to any celebrity or popular personn

This is a great way to have kids practice numbers with their partners out of order. Print two copies of each dot-to-dot. Give one that is completed to one partner, and one that is incomplete to the other partner. The partner with the completed dot-to-dot has to share the number order with their partner in order to complete the picture. 

Introduction to the different accents. Use the accent disco to stimulate muscle memory for the different accents. 

After teaching the alphabet (I like students to memorize this song), have students practice with one another by giving each other small spelling tests. Then, students must look up their words in a French-English dictionary or on wordreference.com. This is a good opportunity to explain how wordreference.com works

This vocabulary expands questions and answers that one can ask when getting to know someone (talking about what you are, what nationality you are, where you're from, as well as the weather). Use this Quizlet to reinforce vocabulary.

A Google Slides activity introducing how to find out who someone is. Then, students have to choose a celebrity from the final slide and introduce them to the class.

Introducing expressions that take avoir after having introduced the verb avoir.