Unit Plan : Mini Unit

This is a two week unit that focuses on vocabulary about clothing and shopping, IR verbs, adjectives, and the comparative and superlative. 

Use this packet to introduce new vocabulary about clothing and shopping. Reinforce with this Quizlet. Use this Kahoot to practice.

Hang these posters around the room and have students do a gallery walk with their partner, conjugating the verbs with their given subjects to describe the pictures.

Have students write down the clothing descriptions of 5 different people in the room. Then, have them describe this to their partner and have their partner try and guess who they are describing. Review color rules before starting this activity. 

Using this video from TV5's One Minute at the Museum, have students work through the pedagogical document attached.

You can use both this version and this version of the song to have students fill in the blanks for their graphic organizer. Then, have students discuss meaning of the song based on what they saw in the video, and what they understood about the lyrics.

Use this graphic organizer with students. Then, cut out the clothing with it's pair (dress-dress, sweater-sweater, etc) and have students tape it onto their document. Then have students do inner-circle, outer-circle to ask their classmates which article of clothing they prefer. Have them graph their results and hand it to you as an exit ticket.

Print out one of these documents for each set of partners (in color). Then, have students ask each other who will take which article of clothing to make outfits with. Then, after they have been divided up, ask students to write down the conversation that led to the creation of that outfit (with quel and ce). 

Each partner receives a die. One partner rolls for the row and one partner rolls for the column. When they land on a spot, one partner asks a question about what they see and the other answers it. Switch roles the next time around. Play continues for a certain amount of minutes set by teacher. Class round at the end.

Using this Google Slides presentation, have students follow along to learn meanings and conjugations for -IR verbs. Have them record this information in their vocabulary packets.Have students practice their verb conjugations with a game of Battleships. Use this worksheet to reinforce and give students more practice with -IR verbs.

Have students complete this activity to practice with the verb "choisir" in multiple subjects. 

Use this Google Slides to introduce the second vocabulary for this unit. Then have students reinforce vocabulary with this Quizlet.

Hang these pictures around the room and have students gallery walk around making comparisons with "plus...que", "aussi...que", and "moins...que".Don't forget to introduce the irregulars "meilleure" and "pire".

Review comparatives with students and then introduce superlatives. Practice using superlatives with the pictures shown and the adjectives. Have students express "le plus" and "le moins" for every picture with partners. Ask partners to share opinions before moving on.